Jun 21

6 Answers to Minnesota Car Accident Questions from a Personal Injury Lawyer


Top 6 Questions after a Minnesota Car Accident, With Answers!

Let’s use a real life car accident near Detroit Lakes as an example – a head-on crash between a pick-up and a car. The truck crossed over the center line and hit an oncoming car.

Ambulance staff renders aid at an accident. Airbags deployed.

Ambulance staff renders aid at an accident. Airbags deployed.

If you were hurt in a car accident like this, if your car was wrecked and you went to the hospital in an ambulance, you would be asking these questions to your personal injury attorney:

1. Is the other driver’s car insurance paying for my wrecked car?
2. The ambulance bill already came. How do I pay that?
3. Does car insurance pay the emergency room bill?
4. I had x-rays! Does insurance pay for those?
5. I will be missing three days of work. Does anyone pay for that?
6. Why does my own Minnesota no-fault insurance pay for my medical bills, when the other driver caused the accident?

The attorneys at the Stowman Law Firm, P.A., answer these questions. The short answers to the above questions are:

1. Yes.
2. Your own Minnesota no-fault car insurance.
3. Yes.
4. Yes.
5. Yes.
6. That is Minnesota law.

The legal stuff: all of these questions and answers have a lot of “but” and “what if” variations. The questions and answers are never as easy as this article makes it look, and every accident is different.

That is exactly why this article starts out by saying, “This post will not teach you how to handle your own personal injury accident claim just like a top-rated personal injury lawyer.”

But, the attorneys at the Stowman Law Firm, P.A., are experienced personal injury lawyers. They are award winning personal injury lawyers. Both Jeffrey Stowman and David Stowman have been selected as Minnesota personal injury Super Lawyers for more than 10 years running.

If you are looking for answers to the “But . . . ,” and “What if . . . ,” variations, or just have general questions about a car accident, contact us.

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