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Do you need an Attorney for a Minnesota Work Injury (Workman’s Comp) Claim? 

Our lawyers help with work comp claims after you are injured on the job in Minnesota.  Minnesota workers hurt on the job usually must turn to workers compensation insurance to get their doctors bills, therapy bills, and wage loss paid.  Your first step after an accident where you are hurt at work is to bring a work comp claim.

Our Minnesota work comp lawyers can help with questions like:

How do I bring a work comp claim?20140819_141835_Richtone(HDR)

Can I get fired from my job?

Do I need a work comp lawyer?

What work comp benefits should I get?

Who pays my doctors bills?

How much will workers compensation pay in wage loss?

What is light duty?

How do I go back to work with lifting restrictions?


The work comp insurer may give you a hard time.  Your workers compensation claim may be denied. 

The workers compensation insurance company might not want to pay your medical bills and wage loss after your work injury.  The insurance company might not want to pay for your medication. Our Minnesota work comp lawyers have years of experience.  Our attorneys make sure you are getting the work comp benefits you are entitled to.

Your work injury might leave you with a permanent partial impairment (PPI), a temporary disability, a total disability, a temporary total disability (temp total), or temp partial disability (temp partial).  Back injuries are a common way to get hurt at work.

If there are problems with your work comp claim or if your workers comp claim is denied, call the Minnesota worker’s compensation lawyers at the Stowman Law Firm, P.A., in Detroit Lakes.  Our work comp attorneys can help you get your medical bills paid and lost wages paid after you are hurt at work.

Your initial consultation is free.  There is no charge to talk to us in person or on the phone.  If you have questions after getting hurt at work in Minnesota, ask us!  You will feel better knowing the answers to your questions.

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