Traumatic Brain Injury – TBI

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer.

Our personal injury lawyers help after traumatic brain injury ( TBI ) caused in a car crash.  Our injury attorneys help after Minnesota accidents and North Dakota accidents that cause concussions and head injuries.  We are located in northwestern Minnesota, near Fargo, North Dakota.  

Pg 1 - two photos1.7 million people suffer traumatic brain injuries each year.  Brain injury often causes permanent disability or death.  Traumatic brain injury is also called TBI, concussion, closed head injury, or head injury.  A head injury will often occur in a car accident, motorcycle accident, or other vehicle accident.

A head injury, is an injury to the brain.  Not all blows to the head result in a TBI.  An accident, such as a car accident or motor vehicle crash, or injury that sufficiently shakes the head and shakes the brain, can cause head injury or concussion symptoms without impact to the head.  Even a low speed crash can cause concussion symptoms, brain injury, or worse.

When a doctor diagnoses a traumatic brain injury, the symptoms of the injury may result in a diagnosis of a “mild traumatic brain injury.”  A person with a mild traumatic brain injury or severe traumatic brain injury might show symptoms such as:

  • memory loss,
  • short term memory loss,
  • forgetfulness,
  • the need to make lists and write things down,
  • the inability to find words when talking,
  • persistent headaches,
  • outbursts of anger or loss of temper,
  • emotional outbursts, or
  • difficulty concentrating.

Sometimes a brain injury will result in the loss of hearing, the loss of smell, or loss of sense of taste.  The person with the brain injury may or may not have lost consciousness (LOC).

Even a mild brain injury can have terrible effects on a life and relationships.  Medical costs soar.  Cognitive rehabilitation, physical therapy, and speech pathology are exhausting.  Bills pile up when you are out of work.  Relationships change.  A brain injury can cause personality changes.

The lawyers at the Stowman Law Firm, P.A., represent people who have suffered closed head injuries and traumatic brain injuries.  Most of our clients who have brain injuries were injured in an accident of some sort, usually a car crash or motorcycle accident causing a concussion or other brain injury.

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