Broken Right Ankle in a Car / Semi Truck Accident

Common questions this Minnesota personal injury lawyer gets from clients injured in an accident are: What is my personal injury claim worth? How much will my settlement be?

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Broken right ankle in a car / semi truck accident. Settlement: $250,000 (plus $20,000 for medical bills for a total of $270,000). Our client’s right foot was on the brake at the time of impact, causing a broken ankle, ligament damage and joint damage. Our client worked on his feet, and had to retrain for another job because he could not stand all day on his injured ankle at his former job.

Damages for a broken bone or joint injury are the total of three things: the medical bills, wage loss, and pain and disability (a list of the ways that this injury changed the client’s life).

The semi truck failed to yield and tried to beat our client’s car across the four lane intersection.  The semi-truck driver broke a safety rule by failing to yield – even though his semi truck is bigger, he still has to follow the rules of the road.  Our client’s car had the right of way.  Our client could not avoid hitting the big rig truck broadside.  The semi-truck driver was not injured.  The semi-truck driver’s insurance had to pay for the damage he caused. Our client’s case settled out of court.