Motorcycle Accident with Traumatic Brain Injury and Broken Hand

Common questions this Minnesota personal injury lawyer gets from clients injured in an accident are: What is my personal injury claim worth? How much will my settlement be?

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This motorcycle / truck crash settled without going to court for $900,000.

A lumber delivery truck driver failed to look before turning left on a rural Minnesota highway. The truck driver turned left in front of our client’s oncoming motorcycle, and caused the truck-motorcycle crash. The crash caused our client a broken hand, a traumatic brain injury (head injury), loss of work and income, surgeries, and extensive rehabilitation.

In Minnesota and North Dakota, damages for a brain injury (TBI) or broken bone injury are the total of three things: the medical bills, wage loss, and pain and disability (a list of the ways that this injury changed the client’s life).

The truck driver broke two common sense safety rules: he failed to pay attention to the road in front of him, and failed to yield to oncoming traffic – he obviously was not supposed to turn left in front of an oncoming motorcycle. The motorcycle driver locked up both brakes and laid the bike down, but could not avoid crashing into the truck. The insurance company for the lumber truck paid a settlement out of court. Our client’s case did not go to trial.