Permanent Bruise, Lower Leg in T-Bone Car Crash

Common questions this Minnesota personal injury lawyer gets from clients injured in an accident are: What is my personal injury claim worth? How much will my settlement be?

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Permanent bruise, lower leg in t-bone car collision in northwestern Minnesota. Settlement: $15,000 (plus $13,000 for medical bills for a total of $28,000). The bruise on our client’s lower leg was permanently slightly swollen, sore to the touch, and very slightly discolored. Our client was able to continue with the majority of her normal activities.

Damages for a permanent bruise from a car crash are the total of three things: the medical bills, wage loss, if any, and pain and disability (a list of the ways that this injury embarrasses the client or changed the client’s life).

Our client, a young woman, was the front seat passenger in a car travelling on the highway. The other driver failed to yield right of way and blew a stop sign.  He pulled slightly onto the highway, then tried to beat our client’s car across the highway when he realized he was too far into the road to stop. He negligently broke two safety rules – stop at stop signs, and cross a highway only when it is safe to do so. He caused the crash, and his car insurance had to pay for the damages he caused. The crash caused permanent swelling near our client’s knee and a permanent bruise just below the knee on the shin. Our client’s case settled before trial.