Slip and Fall with Shoulder Injury at Big Box Store in Minnesota

Common questions this Minnesota personal injury lawyer gets from clients injured in an accident are: What is my personal injury claim worth? How much will my settlement be?

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This slip-and-fall case settled for $52,500.  The store forced our attorneys to put the personal injury claim into lawsuit, because the store would not settle.  Eventually, the case settled before trial.

An elderly woman tripped over a display stand and fell at a big box store in northern Minnesota. Our client was 68 years old, but was physically active before this slip and fall injury. After the slip and fall accident she was not able to mow her lawn, tend to her garden, unload her washing machine, or sleep without pain pills. She had shoulder pain after the accident, and as often happens, her shoulder pain gradually got worse to the point where she needed shoulder surgery.

Damages for a slip and fall injury like our client’s shoulder injury are the total of three things: the medical bills, wage loss, and pain and disability (a list of the ways that this injury changed the client’s life).

She had shoulder surgery 1 year and 7 months after the accident. Her doctor said the surgery was because of the injury when she tripped and fell. The big box store argued that it was our client’s own fault for not watching where she was going. Our client remembered that a store employee was working on the display that she tripped over, and he probably moved it. The store employee broke a common sense safety rule – he should not have left the display stand on the floor with nothing on it, in the walking aisle. Our client did not notice the display stand, and tripped over it. The insurance company for the big box store paid a settlement before trial.