Oct 21

Fatal Rollover Crashes Unfortunately Common


Our Minnesota personal injury wrongful death lawyers found several similar fatal rollover crash reports – all car and truck accidents – a fatal rollover crash in Hawley, Minn., a fatal rollover accident near Wahpeton, ND, and a rollover crash near Staples, MN.

The fatal rollover crash in Hawley, MN, was a one car accident that took the life of a teenager, a recent graduate of Hawley High School.  The driver was transported by Lifeflight to a hospital in Fargo, ND, but later died from his injuries.  The accident occurred in the Summer of 2013.  This accident also demonstrates how an accident changes lives.  The teenage passenger injured in the crash, also from Hawley, Minnesota, blames himself for the driver’s death.  The two young men were best friends.  The driver was driving too fast, and the car started fishtailing just before it rolled.

A fatal rollover accident near Wahpeton, North Dakota, resulted in negligent homicide charges against the negligent driver and a year in prison.  The driver was from Dilworth, Minnesota.  The driver had been drinking, was not paying attention to the road because of cell phone use, and was driving too fast.  The car went into the ditch and rolled.  The passenger, a man from Fargo, ND, was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene.  The crash happened in Richland County, North Dakota, in the Fall of 2008.

A fatal rollover crash on Highway 210 near Staples, Minn., killed two people and hurt three others.  The crash occurred in June, 2013, in Todd County, Minn.  A van left the roadway, hit an approach, launched into trees, and rolled.

The Minnesota State Patrol says that rollover accidents are preventable, if people pay attention to their driving, and that most accident fatalities can be prevented with seat belt use.  A good example is a Hawley, MN, teen who was injured but survived his single vehicle rollover accident when he fell asleep behind the wheel on Highway 10 near Hawley during the Summer of 2013.  He broke his leg and injured his ankle in the crash.  His accident could have easily been fatal, but he was wearing his seat belt.