Oct 20

Minnesota Wrongful Death Attorney: Car/Pickup Accident Kills Ada Teenaged Driver


A fatal crash involving two young drivers on a rural intersection near Borup, in Northwestern Minnesota, killed a 16 year-old driver. This tragic car accident will probably result in a wrongful death case and auto insurance claim. The personal injury attorneys at Stowman Law Firm in Detroit Lakes, MN, help surviving family members pick up the pieces after an accident, like this, causes a wrongful death.


Our wrongful death lawyers noticed a dramatic change in the reported cause of this fatal accident. Initially, the Minnesota State Patrol reported that the car with the teenaged driver behind the wheel was westbound on a County Road, and crossed in front of a pickup truck northbound on a State Highway.

The truck was driven by a 20 year-old from Enderlin, North Dakota.

The Patrol now says that the teenager was actually going north on the State Highway. The pickup truck was going east on the county road, and hit the teenager’s car on the driver’s side.

This is a dramatic change. A quick search on google maps shows that the pickup truck eastbound on the County Road had a stop sign. The northbound teen driver had no stop sign. According to the revised Minnesota State Patrol report, the conclusion is that the pickup truck failed to yield to the teen driver, and caused this crash.

If the revised Patrol report is accurate, the auto insurance company for the pickup truck should pay for damages caused by the pickup truck driver, including the wrongful death of the teen driver.


Few of us can imagine the pain and sorrow of losing a family member when a car crash claims a life. All of us hope we will never know the loss of aid, comfort, companionship and protection after losing a loved one in an accident.  No one can turn back the clock. But, the wrongful death attorneys at the Stowman Law Firm in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, can help in this situation.  We can help the family – the surviving parents, brothers and sisters.

Through experience, we know that getting a lawyer’s help sooner, rather than later, is best for the surviving family members, when a wrongful death case is imminent.

An experienced wrongful death lawyer can take some of the burden off the family, work with car insurance companies, and work to made sure that evidence of the crash is handled properly. These tasks are not the sort of things that surviving family members need to worry about.

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