Sep 27

Three Car Crash in Fargo Caused by Drunk Driving and Texting

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A Fargo, North Dakota, woman ran a red light while driving drunk and texting at the same time, causing a three vehicle crash and sending a pickup truck driver to the hospital.  The crash happened at 8:30 a.m.

The 29 year-old woman told police after the accident that she could not remember anything about the crash.  Her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was .209 – 2 ½ times the legal blood alcohol limit.  It is illegal to drive in North Dakota with a BAC above .08.  This accident occurred in August, 2013.

The drunk texting driver hit a pickup truck, sending the driver of the truck to a Fargo hospital in an ambulance.

The woman who caused this car – truck crash broke three obvious safety rules. 

1.  Do not text while driving.  If you text while driving, you will not pay attention to what is in front of you, and you will cause a crash. 

2.  Do not drive drunk.  Intoxication slows your reflexes, impairs your judgment, and makes you a bad driver.  Drunk drivers cause crashes. 

3.  Stop at red lights.  We all depend on drivers stopping at red lights.  This allows the other drivers to proceed on their green lights.  If you run a red light, you will crash into other cars in the intersection and hurt people.

The car accident lawyers at the Stowman Law Firm, P.A., help people after car crashes like this one in Fargo, North Dakota.  One driver was drunk, texting, and ran a red light.  She hit a truck and a car, and sent one person by ambulance to a Fargo hospital.

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