October 7

Who caused this fatal car crash? Who is at fault?

A 25 year old Wheatland, North Dakota, man was killed in a car crash in early October, 2013, on Highway 75 just south of Moorhead, Minnesota. The fatal car accident on Highway 75 occurred near the intersection with 110th Avenue. The news reports state that troopers from the Minnesota State Patrol and deputies from Clay.

September 27

Three Car Crash in Fargo Caused by Drunk Driving and Texting

A Fargo, North Dakota, woman ran a red light while driving drunk and texting at the same time, causing a three vehicle crash and sending a pickup truck driver to the hospital.  The crash happened at 8:30 a.m. The 29 year-old woman told police after the accident that she could not remember anything about the.

September 27

Car Accidents and Insurance Rates in MN and ND

Will my car accident settlement make my insurance rates go up?  How much? Will everyone else’s accident claim make my insurance rates go up?  Don’t panic.  Someone else’s insurance payment will NOT make your insurance rates go up!  Car insurance companies pay settlements and claims for car and truck crashes every single day without making your insurance rates.

September 27

Low Speed Accident in Fargo Causes Tragic Brain Injury

This story is an example of how a low speed car crash can cause a terrible traumatic brain injury and change lives.  Our Minnesota and North Dakota personal injury attorneys help in situations like this. This accident happened in Fargo.  A Fargo, North Dakota, teenager, slipped and fell from a GEM car, a sort of.